June 3rd, 2022

From Chapter Zero to Chapter One

I am thrilled to be joining Chapter One, a crypto native fund, leading initiatives in and around community and growth for portfolio companies and beyond.

Chapter One, helmed by a fantastic group of people, gives me the environment and opportunity to tackle complex problems related to community, growth, and business development within the crypto ecosystem in fun and unique ways.

I’m excited to find a crossroads where I can focus on people, data, and products on a daily whilst creating memes that delight each step of the way.

December 27th, 2021

The "Perfect Yield" is a golden opportunity, a risk appetite decided opportunity to multiply and compound your money without having to touch a single button apart from depositing and withdrawing your wealth. It can provide a stable monthly income for some, a small meal's worth for others, and for an unlucky few create a crushing story of a yield farm gone wrong.

This will be a mixed post with a few different viewpoints looking at my personal journey in search of the "perfect yield". I won't be diving into super technical details as the rabbit-hole is quite deep although I'll do my best to link helpful resources that I've found useful or that I think will be interesting for those who are reading.

I'll split this up into a few sections:

  1. How do you generate yield?
  2. What is my experience with generating yield?
  3. Tutorial: Earning Yield on staked ETH